The mission of pro-life activism is to stop the killing of innocent human beings from conception to natural death. The greatest killer in America is legalized abortion, which annually kills 1.3 million unborn children by surgical means and several times that number with pharmaceuticals.

This paper is written for the person who is concerned about this slaughter of unborn children and wants to stop it. The paper identifies two major impediments to achieving this objective, what must be done for their removal, and what can be done right now to mitigate the killing and help stop its expansion into infanticide and euthanasia.

It is our hope that you will find your calling in pro-life activism and will understand its part in the bigger picture of restoring the unalienable right to life in America.



Abortion in America Today

Therapeutic abortion was legalized in the late 1960's by five states as being a medical necessity to prevent death or serious physical harm to the mother. Since well established medical procedures already existed for life-threatening pregnancies, the legalization of therapeutic abortion was merely a stepping stone toward abortion-on-demand which was achieved in 1973 with two U.S. Supreme Court cases, Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton.

These rulings by an activist Court were called an exercise in raw judicial power by one of the Court's own dissenters to the decisions. By fabricating a Constitutional right to abortion based on privacy, the U.S. Supreme Court short-circuited the legislative process of all states in what should have been a states rights issue at best. By permitting abortion for the highly subjective 'health' of the mother, the Court essentially made abortion-on-demand legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy in all fifty states, striking down anti-abortion laws in 45 states.

Significantly, in 1997 the U.S. Supreme Court was faced with another profound moral issue, that of physician assisted suicide. Again the Court failed on behalf of life, but perhaps learning something from their error with abortion, they allowed that legalization of physician assisted suicide was outside their purview and should be determined as each state saw fit. Euthanasia is therefore a states rights issue to be decided by public and legislative debate rather than by judicial fiat. A strong stand against euthanasia is therefore essential in each state.

After more than 3 decades of abortion-on-demand and 50 million aborted babies, abortion's touted benefits of women's emancipation, reduced child abuse, improved familial relationships, reduced welfare costs, and safe legal abortions, all have failed to materialize. Instead, there is rampant divorce, single parent families with lower standards of living, epidemic sexually transmitted diseases, manifold increased child abuse, and numerous deaths and permanent debilitating injuries to women from botched legal abortions. The economic loss to America by aborting 50 million people in its future work force has been estimated at 45 trillion dollars. Abortion has created an American population vacuum that is now being filled by illegal immigrants. The enormity of devastation that legalized abortion has brought upon America can hardly be comprehended.



So what prevents stopping this insanity?

Impediment #1 - Judicial Fiat. Until Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton are struck down, abortion-on-demand is the law in America. It is highly unlikely that the Court will reverse itself on abortion and make it illegal since its liberal justices are content with the status quo and conservative justices will not use their position to exercise raw judicial power in either direction on the issue. What can be expected is a gradual erosion of Roe v. Wade where public sentiment is intense, such as its revulsion with partial-birth abortion.

With mounting evidence of abortion's disastrous effects and should public sentiment increasingly shift against abortion, the Court may reconsider Roe and Doe and send the issue of legalized abortion back to the states for each to decide. In California the pro-abortion lobby recognized this and in 2002 caused state legislation to be passed which embeds the essence of Roe v. Wade into California law. If and when the U.S. Supreme Court sends abortion back to the states, the California abortion industry will be unaffected unless Californians change state law.

Ultimately, application of the United States Constitution is needed to ban abortion in America, and that may require ratification of a Constitutional amendment by the states.



Impediment #2 - Public Opinion. A human life amendment to the Constitution has eluded pro-life efforts for 3 decades under even more favorable conditions than currently exist in government and in the public. Why should this be? Significantly, in-depth public surveys spanning 1990 to 2010 show that the vast majority (over 75%) of Americans hold abortion to be an evil act, but over half consider it a necessary evil for the sake of the mother. This misinformed public mindset must change before a Human Life Amendment can be achieved, and likely even before the U.S. Supreme Court would send the issue back to the states.

Whatever pro-life activity you may put your heart and hand to, it should include two elements: (1) changing public opinion from abortion is a necessary evil to just plain evil, and (2) deposing Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. Until these major impediments are removed, the legal killing of unborn children cannot be stopped, only mitigated. If one is not actively working in some way to remove these impediments, one is essentially living with abortion rather than eliminating it.

Pro-Life Activism

Pro-life activism can be categorized into six major areas - service, education, direct action, litigation, politics, and legislation. The organizations referenced in the following sections are cited as examples of these categories and are listed at the end of this paper. Many other effective pro-life organizations, perhaps closer to you, can be found by searching the Internet and yellow pages.




This is where pro-life activism has begun for many people. It is interactive with a woman in need and gratifying to the fulfiller of that need. Typically, a first step may be as a hot- line volunteer working from one's own home, taking crisis phone calls and directing the caller to a pregnancy help center (PHC). Working at a PHC affords increased opportunity to support women in their decision not to abort. Services range from providing information and layettes to counseling, legal advice, and medical care. The high-end service commitment is in operating maternity homes such as His Nesting Place, Mary's Shelter, and New Life Beginnings. These homes provide 24/7/365 care and oversight, often helping the woman through her pregnancy while providing her with vocational training, a new perspective of life, and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Hotlines can vary from being local to national, such as Care Net, where a call from anywhere within the USA is automatically routed to the pregnancy help center nearest the caller. PHCs vary from one of a kind to chains such as affiliated with the Right to Life League of So. California. Maternity homes are relatively few and usually independent. To locate a hotline, PHC, or maternity home near you, contact International Life Services for a comprehensive database of this information.




As you learn about abortion and gain pro-life proficiency, you may want to share your knowledge. For many, their educational outreach began by simply handing pamphlets to others and eventually they gave a presentation to a Sunday school class or at church. By inviting or sponsoring your pastor and his staff to attend a quality pro-life conference, their education will leverage your outreach and will keep the abortion issue before a church body long after your church presentation is over.

Quality written material, professionally produced presentations, and world-class pro-life DVDs such as the Silent Scream are available from Crusade for Life. These media cover fundamental abortion issues and the presenter need only add relevant current events and encourage the audience to participate in specific pro-life activities. Hispanics For Life has a dynamic educational outreach to the Spanish-speaking community with publications, audio and visual media.

A huge need exists in public schools for education on abstinence, the detriments of promiscuous sexual behavior, and the consequences of abortion. Often Planned Parenthood, an affiliate or similar group has free reign to bring its pro-sex and pro-abortion propaganda to impressionable children, starting in the sixth grade and even younger. Conversely, pro-life access to public classrooms is often only through invitation by a teacher or approval by the school board or administrator. Even so, fulfilling the need has been successfully accomplished by highly qualified organizations such as Sex, Love and Choices in programs that may be a week in duration. Yet, many public schools are closed to the truth on abortion and one must resort to direct action (see below.)

The ultimate target of pro-life education is the American public, which has been subjected to a pro-abortion bias in news media, public schools, and entertainment. Methods to reach the public vary, but usually have a common characteristic of presenting unsettling information on abortion to an unreceptive public whether or not they want it. The justification for this is that as citizens we are ultimately responsible for the atrocities of our nation and cannot be excused by ignorance. Neither the slave owner's lash nor Nazi gas chambers could be justified by "I didn't know."

Numerous effective public education outreaches exist. Please Let Me Live targets entire towns for receipt of America Must Decide, an excellent comprehensive, and economical tabloid on abortion that they produce in both English and Spanish. Volunteers have placed these 4-page tabloids on every doorstep of a community on one Saturday morning in many towns. A manual with proven, detailed instructions to accomplish this while building a corps of pro-life volunteers is available from Life Priority Network.

Big 4'x5' pictures of aborted and live babies are very effective when held side-by-side at busy intersections or outside abortion clinics. Their stark contrast needs no explanation. Larger pictures on trucks reach the public on freeways and afford quick mobility to public events. Volunteer drivers and assistants find this an exciting educational outreach. Even banners of aborted babies towed by airplanes have given the public an indelible image of what abortion does to an unborn child. Despite occasional public outcry, these methods are legal and protected by First Amendment rights. They are effective in countering media bias and blackout. If interested, contact Operation Rescue and the Center for Bioethical Reform.





Despite the availability of hotlines, PHCs, homes and shelters, abortionists do a brisk business. The abortion clinic is the site of that last ditch effort to save an unborn child's life and to spare a mother the irrevocable tragic mistake of abortion. This calls for direct action, the literal presence of pro-life volunteers on the public sidewalks outside an abortion clinic. Numerous methods are or have been used, ranging from sidewalk counseling to blockades.

During the late 1980's and early 1990's, blockades by Operation Rescue resulted in the arrest of the largest number of peaceful protestors in American history. Rescue is not to be confused with clinic bombings and shootings, which go far beyond civil disobedience. Because of their effectiveness, blockades resulted in federal and state laws that levy harsh fines and jail sentences on rescuers, making blockades an inefficient use of resources to curtail abortion.

Alternatively, sidewalk counseling coupled with prayer vigils are legal and effective, resulting in the closing of many abortion clinics. Helpers of God's Precious Infants is a Catholic ministry that has an impressive record of this. Non-denominational 40 Days For Life has captured the hearts of thousands across America in an effective sustained presence at clinics. For non-denominational prayer groups, Standing In The Gap pamphlets are available from Crusade for Life. Sidewalk counselors are usually veteran pro-lifers, not easily offended or intimidated by the callous and occasionally threatening response of women, or more likely, their boyfriends and abortion clinic staff. It is advisable to not go alone to counsel, pray or picket at a clinic; otherwise one is open to physical harm, false accusations, and arrest.

Picketing clinics with signs and pictures of aborted babies is instructive to clinic clientele. However, picketing and counseling do not usually go together since picketing is confrontational while counseling is compassionate. Both have their purpose, which can be determined by the accessibility to clinic clientele. If a woman cannot be approached and offered an alternative to abortion because the clinic parking lot is some distance from the public sidewalk, the big pictures have proven to occasionally deter women from having an abortion.

When pro-life access to public schools is thwarted by school policy, usually the result of a school administrator's decision supported by a pro-abortion school board, then sidewalk education is employed. Organizations such as the Survivors hand pro-life information to students on the public sidewalk, usually as they leave school. Graphic material ranging from big signs to 12-page tabloids to catchy comic book-style tracts are effective. A half dozen volunteers typically accomplish distribution within 30 minutes after school lets out. The objective is to get students to see the other side of the abortion issue, that it is not a quick fix and it is devastating. In this way, many students who are targeted by the abortion trade are reached first with the truth.

At college campuses, week-long displays of big pictures such as the Genocide Awareness Project by the Center for Bioethical Reform are effective in reaching the 18 to 22 year old population, which has the highest abortion rate of any group. Standing beside these pictures to answer student questions and hostility is a grueling, challenging, but rewarding commitment that has made a major impact on the future leaders of America and on reducing the killing of unborn children. The Survivors also train young people for such college campus outreach and other pro-life activism.

Direct action can be taken to community hospitals that allow doctors to perform abortions at the hospital facilities. Such solo abortionists account for a large portion of abortions in this nation. Typically, a small group of concerned citizens from the surrounding community having solid evidence of such hospital activity request to meet with the hospital CEO and other appropriate high-level administrators to discuss the situation. For most hospitals, abortion is not a financial necessity and the bad public relations it engenders may cause the hospital to cease offering its facilities, nurses and technicians to support abortionists. It is important to communicate to hospital administration that the pro-life contingent wants to rid their community of abortion providers and will escalate to picketing the hospital if necessary. The pro-life group must be prepared to picket. Contact Crusade for Life or Please Let Me Live if interested.




The abortion trade has mastered litigation as seen in Roe v Wade. While far from such effectiveness, pro-life activism is becoming increasingly sophisticated in using litigation to its advantage. The need for pro-life advocates and lawyers is real and great, with immediate benefits garnered from defending pro-lifers against frivolous lawsuits to long-range possibilities of infusing the courts with pro-life judges coming up through the ranks of pro-life lawyers.

Direct action and litigation are melding into an effective combination that uses our Constitutional rights to assure unimpeded direct action. It is a fact that school officials accompanied by the local police can make pro-life literature distribution to students difficult. By having a prior meeting between school officials, police authorities and pro-life attorneys, the appropriate ground rules for distribution are established using Constitutional rights. Subsequent violations of these rights have resulted in successful litigation against city and school district authorities in California under the Bane Act, compensating each pro-life activists affected with thousands of dollars and covering attorney costs of tens of thousands of dollars.

Such litigation is proper and effective. It garners recompense, but more importantly, turns school administrators and law enforcement from opposing to supporting Constitutionally protected direct action. For more information contact the Life Legal Defense Foundation.




By design or default, Christian influence in politics has been abdicated to secular humanists, and America is paying dearly for this. Nowhere is this more evident than in the abortion issue. Having once been viewed as the most despicable of medical perversions, being pro-abortion is now considered by many political candidates to be a positive factor. If elected, they defer to the pro-abortion lobby and some even become abortion champions.

It is important to understand that good government comes from good leaders, people who have a Biblical foundation and who hold to our nation's Declaration Principles of an unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Until a majority of such leaders are elected to school boards, city councils, state, and federal offices, we will continue to see the expansion of abortion far beyond the original intent of Roe v Wade. For example, school boards can either allow or refuse to release students for an abortion without parental permission, city councils can either establish zoning favorable or unfavorable to abortion clinics, and state and federal officials will either fund or not fund abortions with taxpayer dollars.

Pro-life political activism starts with 1) understanding the rudiments of local, state, and federal government, 2) knowing who one's elected officials are and what their stance is on abortion, and 3) being a registered voter. The election district defines the geographical area of political activism. City councils are local and in one community, school boards may encompass several communities, State Assembly, State Senate and Congressional districts may extend into more than one county, and a US Senate district is statewide.

An effective political entity is the political action committee (PAC), which seeks, evaluates, and then supports or opposes candidates for public office. Each county should have a pro-life political action committee to identify and help elect qualified pro-life candidates, and to keep them pro-life once in office. A pro-life PAC maintains a pro-life political presence.

Starting a political action committee is not difficult, but care and diligence are necessary to assure conformance to law. A PAC typically uses questionnaires to document where candidates stand on crucial life issues of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and cloning. Some candidates will not respond or will state that these issues have no bearing on the office they seek. This is either a dodge or they do not understand the pervasiveness of abortion and how even a city council or school board can advance or abate abortion.

The Orange County Pro Family Candidate Campaign has developed effective questionnaires for numerous elected offices that can be used with minor modifications in any county. These questionnaires, along with candidate interviews, public statements, and voting records (where existent) form the basis of a voter guide. There are numerous voter guides published at election time. Care must be taken to recognize which ones correctly present candidate values and are not tailored for political expediency. Pro-life voter guides must be based on objectivity and integrity.

Prospective pro-life candidates are often interviewed and, if approved, supported via the PAC's independent expenditure. Through carefully and efficiently planned volunteer efforts, pro-life PACs are able to influence elections far beyond the norm for their dollar expenditure. If you are interested in starting a pro-life PAC or improving one in your area, contact Life Priority Network.




Ultimately, abortion must once again be made illegal, but until then, restrictive laws are useful to prevent its expansion and extension into infanticide, euthanasia, and cloning. All of these issues reflect an anti-life mindset that accepts killing some human beings for the benefit of others. It is the antithesis of an inalienable right to life.

Legislation involves the broadest geographical activity since it requires at least a majority concurrence of legislators from across the state to pass state legislation and across the nation to pass federal legislation. To pass a pro-life initiative placed before the public requires the broadest unity among pro-life organizations. Hence, it is one of the most difficult activities to organize and direct.

Presently the California State Legislature is predominantly composed of Democrats and is pro-abortion, being reflective of the Democratic Party platform. It is virtually impossible to pass pro-life legislation and most pro-life legislative activity is defensive, directed at defeating pro-death legislation, be it abortion, infanticide, euthanasia or cloning. To become effective, pro-lifers must develop a pro-life lobby infrastructure that is credible and can challenge the sophisticated, well financed and effective pro-abortion lobby.

There are several statewide organizations and specialty groups that analyze and disseminate information on crucial life bills. These include the California ProLife Council, Life Priority Network, and the Scholl Institute of Bioethics. The latter specifically deals with euthanasia and cloning.

However, the test of pro-life strength comes at the district level where the voters are; pro-life strength there adds to the clout of the pro-life lobby in Sacramento and Washington. By concerted action between lobby groups at the Capitol and in the districts, action alerts are distributed to pro-life voters in the districts of key legislators and meetings ensue between constituents and legislators or their staff. The concerns of voters are discussed with the legislator before he or she votes on a specific bill, and then the legislator's vote, good or bad, is reported back to constituents. As this pro-life civic commitment develops, it will cut into the stranglehold that the pro-abortion lobby currently has in Sacramento and elsewhere. If you would like to participate in this legislative outreach, contact Life Priority Network.

This Guide may be freely reproduced and disseminated without change.

Alphabetical Listing of Pro-Life Organizations Referenced in the Pro-Life Activism Section.




California ProLife Council
2306 J Street, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95816

Care Net
44180 Riverside Parkway, Ste 200
Landsdowne, VA 20176
703-554-8734 / 703-554-8735 fax

Center For Bioethical Reform
PO Box 219
Lake Forest, CA 92609

Crusade For Life
9771 El Tulipan Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
714-963-4753 phone/fax

Helpers of God's Precious Infants
25581 Adriana Street
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

His Nesting Place
350 E. Market Street
Long Beach, CA 90805
562-422-2137/ 562-984-5040 fax

Hispanics For Life
P.O. Box 9086 Torrance, Ca. 90508.

International Life Services, Inc.
2606 1/2 West 8th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90057
213-382-2156/ 213-382-4203 fax

Life Legal Defense Foundation
P.O. Box 2105
Napa, CA 94558
707-224-6675 / 707-224-6676 fax

Life Priority Network
P.O. Box 28402
Santa Ana, CA 92799

Mary's Shelter
P.O. Box 10433
Santa Ana, CA 92711
714-730-0930/ 714-730-3487 fax

New Life Beginnings
835 E. Sixth Street
Long Beach, CA 90802

Operation Rescue
PO Box 782888
Wichita, KS 67278

Orange County Pro-Family
Candidate Campaign
P.O. Box 28402
Santa Ana, CA 92799

Please Let Me Live
3209 Colusa Highway
Yuba City, CA 95993

Right to Life League of So. Cal.
1028 N. Lake Avenue, Ste. 207
Pasadena, CA 91104
626-398-6100/ 626-398-6101 fax

Scholl Institute of Bioethics
18030 Brookhurst St., PMB 372
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Sex, Love and Choices
1028 N. Lake Avenue, Ste. 207
Pasadena, CA 91104
626-398-6106/ 626-398-6101 fax

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust
P.O. Box 52708
Riverside, CA 92517

40 Days For Life




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