A coalition of pro-life organizations has the potential to substantially increase the effectiveness of the pro-life movement by pooling resources toward a common objective. Such coalition has the potential of establishing integrated pro-life policy and strategy while providing the existing means of fulfilling them. Such coalition offers the capacity for a paradigm shift in pro-life strategic thinking and cooperation.

Leaders from over a dozen pro-life organizations met in April 2008 at an Abortion Holocaust Resolution Project conference held in Los Angeles. They produced and subscribed to the Fundamental Principles of the Pro-Life Cause that established the over-arching objective of ending legalized abortion as quickly as possible while significantly reducing abortions until that is achieved.

The need for creating a pro-life coalition was recognized at the conference and a committee of 12 was commissioned to fulfill this need. This resulted in the Abortion Holocaust Resolution Coalition (Coalition).

An evaluation of the abortion holocaust in America led to the conclusion this holocaust will continue to expand in the absence of strategically focused and concerted pro-life activities. Strategy development required an evaluation of adversaries and a survey of arenas in which diverse forces fuel the American holocaust. Strategic agreement and prioritization are at the crux of moving from limited guerilla warfare to effective, coordinated national campaigns. The rationale and criteria for establishing and prioritizing strategies were developed, enabling the Coalition to rise above the trees and see the forest.

The Coalition was created to develop and implement pro-life national strategies. It is structured to increase the collective effectiveness of pro-life organizations without encroaching upon their autonomy or jeopardizing their tax status. The Coalition encourages integrating existing pro-life resources into Task Forces to achieve strategic objectives. It seeks to improve and expand existing capabilities of the pro-life movement while promoting growth.

The Coalition organization chart is shown below. Its structure maximizes operational flexibility while minimizing state and federal constraints. The Leadership Council establishes prioritized goals, policies and plans for the pro-life movement. It is comprised of leaders of pro-life organizations who are noted for their visionary, leadership, and organizational abilities. They meet as the AHRC Leadership Council and do not represent another organization. Each has signed a statement of affirmation and support of the Fundamental Principles of the Pro-Life Cause. The Executive Committee carries out the policies of the Leadership Council, encouraging the formation of Task Forces for study of Coalition strategic objectives and plans, and making day-to-day business decisions.

Task Forces implement particular strategies and function autonomously. The Task Force concept enables pro-life organizations to selectively participate in strategic projects without jeopardizing their organizational autonomy or tax status. From entry level, with modest commitment of resources, to project leadership with top priority commitment, there is a place for pro-life organizations in a task force. A task force has the latitude to establish its own organizational structure, tactics, operations, and funding. A task force is requested to maintain liaison with the Executive Committee in reporting progress toward its objectives and goals.

The most notable task force in effect at this time is the Church Task Force, launched in 2008. It envisions a Christian Community founded on the Word of God and dedicated to implementing the Fundamental Principles of the Pro-life Cause. It envisions that Christian pastors and leaders will equip and activate their people to end the abortion holocaust in our nation. Its Mission Statement is to craft and implement plans, ideas, strategies and actions to present to Christian leaders and pastors of influence for them to embrace and promote.

To date the Church Task Force has produced a DVD for pastors encouraging them to become actively pro-life. It has created and prepared pro-life resources specifically for a pastor and resources specifically for church members. These resources are being incorporated into a one-stop go-to web site. It is currently developing a distribution plan for the finished products.

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