On this website you will find a unified approach to strategies of the pro-life movement.

For over 45 years the pro-life movement has been engaged in a monumental struggle to establish the unalienable right to life for the pre-born child. With each passing year, it is painfully clear that despite often Herculean efforts on the part of individuals and organizations, the abortion holocaust continues virtually unabated. It has claimed over 55 million surgically aborted children and many more through abortifacients.

To many in the pro-life movement, there has been no evident unified strategy to focus pro-life efforts and resources across the spectrum of pro-life activities.

In April 2008, leaders from 13 pro-life organizations across America met in Los Angeles to address this situation. Out of this meeting came an agreed upon Fundamental Principles of the Pro-Life Cause and a mandate to create an Abortion Holocaust Resolution Coalition.

This website presents the essence of that mandated Coalition. Its unique structure enables pro-life organizations to participate in consensus-created and prioritized strategies without jeopardizing their autonomy or IRS status.

We invite you to examine the Abortion Holocaust Resolution Coalition, contact us with questions or comments you may have, and ultimately join the Coalition as an active participant. Its goal is to end the abortion holocaust as quickly as possible while significantly reducing abortions until this goal is attained.